Thomas Dohse: Tehran Printing, Packaging, & Processing Exhibition is a new member of the Interpack Alliance and Drupa Global

Thomas Dohse, deputy director of Interpack: Tehran Printing, Packaging, & Processing Exhibition is a new member of the Interpack Alliance and Drupa Global, which I call it the new child of this family.


The first press conference for the International Printing, Packaging, & Processing Exhibition of Iran (IPAP & pacprocess) was held on 24 July in Tehran.
This press conference was held in Tehran with the participation of Thomas Dohse, deputy director of Interpack, Mohammad Seyedi, managing director of Shahr-e Aftab (Sun City in Farsi) Fairground, and Hamed Irani, managing director of Barsaz Rooydad Pars, the organizer of this show.
In this conference, Thomas Dohse pointed out the international achievements of Interpack and Drupa Exhibitions, and added: This exhibition network has numerous exhibitors and visitors from around the world, and considering the population of Iran which is nearly 80 million people, almost the same as Germany, this counrty has great potentials for investment and boosting the business of this industry.
He continued, pointing to an increase in demand for packaged foods in the world: Demand growth in the European countries is one percent and in North Africa is 18 percent, and Iran with a population of almost 80 million has a high demand rate and we should use this opportunity.
Thomas Dohse also said: Interpack, which so far has been organized in various countries, has an average of 2,860 stands and company representatives from 60 countries, including Iran, have been present in these shows. This exhibition has an average of 179,500 visitors from 48 countries, and almost 900 journalists from all over the world covered the event.



Full support of Interpack Alliance and Drupa Global from their new member in Tehran
Due to its geographical location and young educated population, Iran has great potential to become a hub in the field of printing and packaging in the region.
Germany and Iran have been good partners for a long time, and Messe Düsseldorf has a long-term investment approach in Iran, and with the full support of Interpaack Alliance and Drupa Global, plans to make Tehran the capital of the printing and packaging industry In the Middle East and the Far East in the long run.
Although there are challenges in this way, we are trying to resolve these issues and work towards the growth and success of this exhibition. This year, we organize the first exhibition of this alliance in Iran, and it is the beginning. As I mentioned, participants in the Interpack and Drupa exhibitions are from all over the world and they exhibit in Interpack and Drupa shows based on their target markets, and this is not limited to only one or some few countries. Tehran IPAP and pacprocess Exhibition, as the new member of this alliance, will meet all the conditions of global members of Interpack Alliance and Drupa.
We believe that in the long term we will reach our goal, to which we are very commited, of creating this new member in partnership with other members of this alliance. Barsaz Rooydad Pars as our partner in organizing this exhibition, is a powerful company with high potential and has played a very important role in the creation of this new member.
He also talked about the suitable location of Shahr-e Aftab Fairground adding that the exhibition complex has international standards and is the perfect venue for this international trade fair.
Mr. Dohse mentioned that Germany and Italy are the world's largest manufacturers of machinery in this field with 40% share of the industry. He said: In this exhibition, the full potential of Messe Düsseldorf has been used to attract professional exhibitors and trade visitors, and we organize this show according to the standards used by the Interpack Alliance and Drupa Global.
The deputy director of Interpack pointed out the advantages of IPAP and pacprocess of Tehran, adding: There are many advantages in organizing this exhibition, including the ideal venue, proximity to the international airport, the proper time of the event in the international calendar of Messe Düsseldorf, and most importantly is the synergy of suppliers from production to packaging and printing.



A show that covers the full cycle of production to final product
At this conference Hamed Irani, managing director of Barsaz Rooydad Pars, said: In 2015, due to the problems for exporting of final products, the idea of organizing an exhibition to cover the full cycle from production to the final product was developed, and in this regard we started to negotiate with Interpack and Drupa, which are the largest exhibitions in the world, and we are proud to have been able to enter Tehran in the global alliance of these exhibitions. Drupa supports the full range of priting and Interpack supports the full range of packaging and processing in this exhibition.
Hamed Irani noted that one of the advantages of this show is the full coverage of industry from processing to packaging and printing, and added that: This exhibition will present new solutions for packaging and printing in all sectors including food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
He noted that this exhibition is the result of the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)” and noted that: In the past, domestic companies liked the international participants to come to Iran, but due to recent developments and attractiveness of the Iranian market, the situation has changed and now foreigners are interestd to invest here.
A dedicated pavillon for carton industry
Irani mentioned the setup of a dedicated pavillon for carton industry in the show as another innovation in this international event, adding that: The carton industry in Iran has never found its place, and we decided to offer this opportunity to them, so that they will be able to present their capabilities to the visitors.

Plans for Branding in Exhibition Industry
Seyed Mohammad Seyedi, managing director of Shahr-e Aftab Fairground, also referred to the facilities of this venue and stated: Due to modern international-level facilities of this large complex, there have been plans for branding in the exhibition industry. One of the subjects we have been pursuing from the beginning is to classify the shows based on their special fields and product groups, and to create value added and brands. Therefore, the printing and packaging exhibition is the second show organized jointly by Iran and Germany, after the AMB exhibition which was organzied by Iran and Messe Stuttgart together.
Referring to the position of the packaging industry in Turkey and its success, Seyedi said: One of the problems of the packaging industry in Iran is the lack of technical work and our goal is to improve the position of the packaging industry in Iran so that we can export our products.
He also mentioned his dissatisfaction about an issue: I am sorry that some problems are highlighted more than they really are. This will not help boost the position of the Iranian exhibition industry, but will push us back. We need to have a special look at exhibitions, so that we can have great and successfuI shows.

Time will clarify many points
In the end , the managing director of Shahr-e Aftab stated: After two years of effort, Shahr-e Aftab is now a global brand. We have found our way and see no obstacles in our way, and we believe that in time many points will be clarified. We should not fail at our mission and definitely motivation and understanding of authorities will be the main solution to the problems.
It is worth mentioning that the first IPAP and pacprocess Exhibition of Tehran will be organized from October 20 to 23, with the collaboration of Interpack and Drupa from Germany and Iranian Barsaz Rooydad Pars at the Shahr-e Aftab Fairground.


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